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Are you interested in saving photos, film, or videos from older formats that you can no longer access, or are getting worn out? If so, we'd love to hear from you!

For work or personal memories like a wedding on VHS or projector slides, a childhood Super 8 film, or nostalgic photo albums. We want to help you preserve them by creating a digital copy for easier storage and viewing for years to come.

Film.Ca Cinemas offers a full on-site digital conversion service. We don't ship your items to other 3rd party companies and all work is digitized in-house!

In order to best serve you, please book an in-person appointment at Film.Ca Cinemas with a Digital Works Technician.
Please click the button below to schedule!

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Please complete the service request form to bring to your consultation, along with the items that you would like to convert. If you not able to print, we will complete the form with you.


Services we offer:

Video Conversion to Digital Files
Conversion of Film to Digital Files
DCP Creation
Delivery Options

Films or Video that are in poor condition or damaged may be subject to further preparation fees once materials are fully reviewed by our staff at intake.

*We cannot convert any copyrighted materials, unless you are the legal copyright holder.
*Minimum invoice is $50.00.

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