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Build your business and advertise with us!

If you own a business, you’re constantly looking for ways to connect with your potential customers in a way that really STANDS OUT! It takes 5-7 exposures to a company’s advertising to convert, and when your potential customers are bombarded with ads everywhere they go, how can you stand out?

We can help. We understand small business owners have limited resources. We want to maximize the effectiveness. What better way to engage your audience than to approach them when they’re already engaged and having fun at the movies?

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Film.Ca Cinemas offers a wide variety of advertising options tailored specifically for your unique business and what you want to accomplish. Businesses ranging from local single-entrepreneur small businesses to multinational corporations have used our facilities to get their message across in a way that really pops.

The experience starts with our pre-show advertising on the 5 large screens. We intersperse static and video ads with movie trivia to entertain audiences waiting for their movie to begin. The Pre-Show runs 25 times a day before all feature films. It’s affordable and effective.

We can HELP you:
Drive business GROWTH!!

Build awareness about your business in the community!

Show customer appreciation! “Thank you for that referral!”

Show staff appreciation for going above and beyond!

Find space for meetings and presentations!

Raise money for a cause!

Let us understand your needs and see if we can help you achieve your goals more quickly.

Packages and Pricing

Strategic Growth Advertising Packages
We tailor packages to your individual promotional needs and budget. Ads can run anywhere between 10 and 30 seconds. We recommend you choose the shortest time frame that communicates your message with impact effectively! “If that is 17 seconds, let’s do 17 seconds”

High Impact Package
- 30s video & audio played on all FIVE screens (175 showings weekly)
- Your option to refresh your ad during your campaign (min 8 week run)
- Your business card in our Partners Display in the lobby area

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Entry of Film.Ca Cinemas

Basic Growth Package
- 10s ad (static picture with contact details) & audio played on all FIVE screens (175 showings weekly)
- Audio track could be a voice over, music etc.
- Your option to refresh your ad every 12 weeks

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Available Add-Ons (Contact for more information): 
- Your ad on the lobby entertainment system 
- Your ad on 8"x10" in the washroom displays
- Your ad on our website
- Company name/logo on one movie poster at doors to cinema
- One day in the lobby to promote per 12 weeks period

Boost Effectiveness Further!
There are a number of successful add-ons that work well to further increase awareness of your business and to encourage trial of your products or services.

- Lobby Promotion / Demonstration
- Client/Staff Appreciation Events
- Facility Rentals for meetings, presentations
- Fundraise for a special cause
- Outdoor movie events
- Private Red Carpet Screenings

Packages based on a minimum 12 week commitment. 4 weeks is considered one month. Weeks run Friday – Thursday. Content locked/confirmed by the Wednesday before Friday launch.
Setup costs for production may be required depending on complexity. 
Prices do not include HST.

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