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Birthday Parties

Birthday Party Banner

Film.Ca Cinemas is excited to welcome you for your movie viewing event!

Movie Party

  • Reserved Seating at regular ticket pricing
  • Discounted Combo Options *Kids, Small, and Medium Combos when pre-purchased


  • Kid’s Combo: mini drink, mini candy and mini popcorn all in a box tray
  • Small Combo: Small Drink and Small Popcorn
  • Medium Combo: Medium Drink and Medium Popcorn


Important Notes

  • One adult must be in attendance at all times
  • All Parties MUST pay for their tickets and combos in advance 

If you're interested in booking a private viewing experience, please submit a form via the Cinema 7 or Private Rental pages:

Cinema 7
Private Rentals

*Please allow up to 2 days for a response. We will do our best to reply sooner whenever possible.*


If the number of people in your party has changed, tickets and concession purchases can be refunded day of event only. 

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