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Birthday Parties

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Birthday Party

Whether you’re turning four or fourteen, kids love a good birthday party!

At Cinemas we love making our guest’s birthday dreams come true with our ever-popular BIRTHDAY PARTIES!

Be sure to book early – weekends around the release of highly anticipated family movies often fill up weeks or even months in advance.

Movie Party

  • Reserved Seating at regular ticket pricing
  • Discounted Combo Options *Kids, Small, and Medium Combos


  • Discounted Combo Options *Kids, Small, and Medium Combos
  • Discounted Pizza options  *Cheese, Pepperoni, Meatlovers, Hawaiian


  • Kid’s Combo: mini drink, mini candy and mini popcorn all in a box tray
  • Small Combo: Small Drink and Small Popcorn
  • Medium Combo: Medium Drink and Medium Popcorn


Important Notes

Party Room is able to accommodate 12-15 guests at maximum.


  • One adult must be in attendance at all times
  • All Parties MUST pay for their party room booking in advance (date determined when confirming party). Failure to pay could cancel your booking with us
  • Outside food and beverages are not permitted in the theatre complexes
    • birthday cake allowed in the room ; NO CANDLES
    • absolutely no peanut products allowed
  • The party rooms are located up two flights of stairs, please let us know ASAP if there are any guests that may require special accommodations, so we can attempt to do so to the best of our ability.
  • CAPACITY LIMIT – Our party room does not accommodate for more than 12-15 guests total.
  • Dedicated staff option is not guaranteed, the more notice we have the better we can accommodate


 The use of any source of open flame or combustion is prohibited on our premises (this includes, but is not limited to, candles). Failure to comply will result in the cancellation of the party and ejection from the premises. Should the fire alarm be activated due to failure to comply, you will be held liable for any charges imposed by the Oakville Fire Department as well as any damages and/or losses incurred by Inc. 


Event cancellations, when requested a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the event, will be refunded less an administration charge of 25% of the rental fee. 

Cancellations requested after the 2 week deadline will receive a CREDIT for future booking, less an administration charge of 25% of the rental fee. No refunds are provided after the 2 week deadline, only credits.

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